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Get to know Rebecca

Updated: May 7, 2021

My name is Rebecca and I have been an educator for the best part of 20 years!

I have worked in a range of primary and secondary schools since 2006 and have been a:

- Head of department.

- Created and delivered bespoke intervention courses up and down the country.

- GCSE examiner and A level moderator.

- Classroom teacher and tutor since qualifying with QTS in 2006.

Teaching is a vocation as well as a profession and I believe education is a human right, not a privilege so I want my service to be as affordable and inclusive as possible. I also believe that young people are unique and have individual skills, talents, and needs, therefore, I aim to offer specialised, and customised tuition, with a range of packages.

You can also take advantage of a trial session to create a bespoke action plan as well as assessing compatibility.

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