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Five benefits of having a tutor

Updated: May 7, 2021

With years of experience working with young people both online and offline, I've made a quick list of 5 benefits your children have when hiring a tutor.

1. Tuition allows the student to make progress and review skills that have not been conquered yet.

- Review their skills and discover new ones at their own pace.

- Have just a few booster-sessions or more long-term tutoring.

- Revisit, Re-evaluate and practice so that they do not fall behind.

2. Tuition offers a distinctive and personalised educational experience.

- Where else can you get that? Yes, in the classroom sometimes, but that is hard with 30 other pupils in need of attention.

- Teachers are amazing, but sometimes pupils may need a little bit more one-on-one time and tutoring is terrific for that!

- Tutors can customise the lessons and activities just for the student.

3. Tuition provides a space free of disruptions

- There are no distractions; just a calm, specialised and positive environment for pupils to concentrate on their own learning journey.

4. Tuition offers more time to put skills into practice

- Some kids just need more preparation and guided practice.

- Practicing together with a tutor can really be beneficial and help to overcome frustrations.

5. Tuition can provide more challenges for gifted and talented students

Most people think of tutoring as only beneficial for students falling behind. Students who are excelling and are getting bored in class because they need more of a challenge will benefit from tutoring also! Tutors can offer customised lessons and practice that really challenge the student.

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